DIY Wednesday No. 6 – Holidays are coming!

Maybe it’s a bit early, but time is rushing by these days. Now you will have enough time to make this lovely advent-calendar.

What do you need?

  •  wooden plank or board
  •  25 wooden clothes pins
  •  chalkboard paint
  •  paint/ christmas tape
  •  wood glue
  •  chalk
  •  ribbon

and …

♡ gifts

Stap 1:  Where do you want to hang the advent-calendar?

Stap 2: Take the wooden plank or board and make it the size that will fit the place where it will be hanging or standing.

Stap 3:  Paint the wooden plank or board in the color you want it to be. Use white paint if you want it to look like the photo above.

Stap 4: Take the wooden clothes pins and decorate them. You can use red paint if you like, or you could use tape.

Stap 5: When the wooden plank or board and the clothes pins are dry, you can glue the clothes pins on the plank or board. ! Before you glue, take a close look where you will glue the pins. Ones you glue, there’s no point of return… !

Stap 6: Write the numbers onto the board above the clothes pins.

Stap 7: Buy the little presents, wrap them nicely and hang’m onto the calendar with the red/white ribbon.