Christmas inspiration


This weekend we picked out a tree. The rescue brigade sold Christmas trees this year, so that’s the place where we went to. Now we have a beautiful tree and the money will be donated to the rescue brigade. That feels good!

fotoBecause we went early this year they had a lot of trees. So problem! I already find it really hard to pick the right tree! But we found the one and they would be delivering the tree in the evening, so no more needles in the car!


The Christmas-tree on it’s place. I will spare you the details of putting the lights and ornaments in it’s place! I probably will replace a few ornaments during the week. I’ve chosen this year for a white tree, the ornaments are made of white  or blank glass, and some of them are black. Most of them are from IKEA.

And why is the lower end of the tree so bare? 
Bet in de sneeuwBecause of this sweet one, and his wagging tail!

Merry Christmas everyone!