With a touch of gold

Via the blog of husligheter.se I stumbled upon this lovely apartment for sale! It’s a small apartment with lots of white elements and a beautiful touch of gold. Enjoy the beautiful photo’s that I wanted to share with you!

SFD37B06D2FECD64D50A592848D36CB7D1C_800x800 SFDE3A40B7359F74D2484EC2B8C18F6BF6D_800x800 SFD4BA5B1EA4E3B4BFD8860FAFED46F73C0_800x800 SFDD4E39329EDAB4BF8A79444F80132B371_800x800 SFD45DA0694F5184508B61371B211E66BDD_800x800 SFD5434D459C5654536BF4AAD3536772B33_800x800 SFDBC739F517C394C49BC6F7DEEA66E019E_800x800


Stadshem, Gibraltargatan 19B, Goteborg