Christmas in Gold



1. Christmas Ornament star brass 2. Flask with brass, design: Michael Anastassiades 3. Candle holder The Knot of Friendship brass, design: Josef Frank 4. Pot Hortus Brass, design: Josef Frank 5. Candle holder folded, design: Erika Pekkari 6. Christmas ornament snowball brass 7. Trivet Scandinavia brass, design: Estrid Ericson 8. Collier Flower Ribbon goldplated pewter, design Estrid Ericson 9. Candelabra 2568 Wood/Brass 12 arms, design: Josef Frank

Svenskt Tenn is an interior design company located on Strandvägen in Stockholm, Sweden. During our stay in Stockholm our hotel was located next to Svenskt Tenn and we were blown away by the elegant style of the designers Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank.


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