Flowers I love

Spring begins when I buy for the first time tulips! I’m a little bit spoiled because we live in an area in The Netherlands which is famous for it’s tulips and other flower bulbs, but still I love them!

We all know tulips but these I find very special. I love the colors and how they are different from the normal tulips. Tulips are never boring. 20140510-124335.jpg


20140510-124623.jpgPhoto’s by Laurie Passchier | LÆBL by Laurie



3 thoughts on “Flowers I love

  1. Oh, you are so spoiled indeed! So beautiful! So many things I like to purchase from there! Last year I finally bought some ‘Ice Cream’ tulips, and now I saw them pop out from soil recently! :)

    1. I had to google the ‘Ice Cream’ tulips! But I like them very much! So exciting when they start to pop out from the soil. Hopefully they do well, so you can enjoy them for a long time :-)

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