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Flowers I love

Spring begins when I buy for the first time tulips! I’m a little bit spoiled because we live in an area in The Netherlands which is famous for it’s tulips and other flower bulbs, but still I love them!

We all know tulips but these I find very special. I love the colors and how they are different from the normal tulips. Tulips are never boring. 20140510-124335.jpg


20140510-124623.jpgPhoto’s by Laurie Passchier | LÆBL by Laurie


Winter Garden

This morning I woke up with my first coffee of the day and looked outside my window. I watched a beautiful landscape (well it was my own back garden…but still) and I knew I had to take some pictures.  I hope the snow wont go away for another few days! After all it’s a bit unique!IMG_4833

IMG_4839 IMG_4836 IMG_4835 IMG_4828Photo’s by Laurie Passchier, Læbl by Laurie

Ceramics ♡

In my search for ceramics I came to the site of Beautiful pictures of ceramics at the Dutch Design Week 2012 (DDW2012). Enjoy these beautiful pictures. Perhaps good inspiration for the last Christmas gifts!

This lamp is a new product in the collection of Elke van den Berg. The lamp is made of ceramic and the ceramic leaves you may shift at its discretion.


Location DDW 2012: Zona Ventosa / TAC


Cakestands van Lenneke Wispelwey. Location DDW 2012: MIX’D bij YKSI EXPO


 Location DDW 2012: EAT DRINK DESIGN, Kazerne&Loods Paradijslaan

DIY Wednesday No.09 Restyle old vases

Maybe there are forgotten treasuries in your basement and shed, ornaments in the making?Because ancient vases undergo a flowery makeover with a new coat of paper, feathers, paint or decorate-sand.

These two old glass vases are from the thrift store. The rear vase is splashed with a combination of paint from Farrow & Ball paint and own leftovers. The front vase with glue and then sprayed with ocher decoration sanded.

Styling Jet Krings
Photography Rob van der Vet