Thinking about…


our lovely vacation!  We’re only back home for one and a half week. But it feels much longer strangely!  We enjoyed our stay in Zeeland, The Netherlands.I love to be back home, but in my mind I’m planning my next vacation!








LÆBL   Photo’s by LÆBL by Laurie


Everything is beautiful

All things that are emotional attached to you or things that you just find pretty enough to show need a special place.
These closets are beautiful and are perfect to show your special items. If I had enough space in my living room I would want one, I want one anyway… hmmm.

VT Wonen
VT Wonen
VT Wonen
VT Wonen
VT Wonen
VT Wonen

Spring will start…soon

I think we have waited long enough now for spring to begin.

Today I looked outside my window and there it was: no sun but rain! Really? 
I (read: we) need sun!

And because I can not do much about the fact that spring is keep me waiting I will enjoy this beautiful photograph.

a3dac0fb3f40b663d40fdd78e56dc57cPhotograph: pinterest via:

Beautiful porcelain

Beautiful porcelain is something I just can’t get enough of. sb-21-platter-grid-green-pink-scholten-baijings THE COLLECTION CONSISTS OF THREE SERIES: MINIMAL, COLOURFUL AND EXTRAORDINARY. IN ADDITION TO EXCLUSIVE PLATES, CUPS AND BOWLS, EACH SERIES ALSO COMPRISES SERVING PLATTERS, CANDLEHOLDERS, VASES AND A TEA scholten-baijings-colour-porcelain-milk-sugar-33



TineKhome items from TineKhome.

The Tine K Home Collection is based on Tine K’s passion for beautiful objects, sweet memories, different cultures, and great stories. The Collection includes interior, textiles, furniture, and accessories from own designs or as unique findings from different journeys abroad in Vietnam, Morocco, India etc.

Christmas inspiration


This weekend we picked out a tree. The rescue brigade sold Christmas trees this year, so that’s the place where we went to. Now we have a beautiful tree and the money will be donated to the rescue brigade. That feels good!

fotoBecause we went early this year they had a lot of trees. So problem! I already find it really hard to pick the right tree! But we found the one and they would be delivering the tree in the evening, so no more needles in the car!


The Christmas-tree on it’s place. I will spare you the details of putting the lights and ornaments in it’s place! I probably will replace a few ornaments during the week. I’ve chosen this year for a white tree, the ornaments are made of white  or blank glass, and some of them are black. Most of them are from IKEA.

And why is the lower end of the tree so bare? 
Bet in de sneeuwBecause of this sweet one, and his wagging tail!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Kitchen stuff

Beautiful kitchen stuff. The Cut And Paste Chopping Board is the cleverest way to dice, slice, and hack away. With a built-in dish you can sweep aside all the unwanted chaff and keep the whole process neat and tidy. It’s just genius!

The Bowl is precious porcelain shaped into a charming cupcake case. Its classic nostalgic shape and pure white tone bring back memories of helping out grandma in the kitchen and licking the bowls clean afterwards.

The teapot, well is just a teapot. Or is it not? It’s a beautiful design, ceramics with cork-base. It will keep your morning or evening-slurp nice and warm!


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