First sale!

I’m very proud and happy with my first sale on Etsy!

This beautiful custom made pouf is starting it’s new life in Sydney, Australia.

IMG_4668 kopie IMG_4666 kopie IMG_4664



What can you do?

You have wool, or something else, and then you come up with something to make.

And this is the result!

I like it!

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Shopper in pastel

New in my Etsy-shop!
Lovely crochet shopper in pastel colors!
This shopper is handy, it can be used in two different ways! The inner bag is equipped with handy pockets for your mobile phone and small items that would otherwise lie loose in your bag. But you can also use the bag without the inner bag, easy when you’re going out for big shopping.
The shopper is also to combine with an other color inner bag. Available colors: soft pink and soft blue (pastels).

Etsy – Læbl by Laurie