DIY paperclips


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DIY: A warm welcome


♡ What you need:
Red string

♡ What you do:
Write the word on a paper or you can print the word in the size you like. Make this paper temporarily stuck on the wall and hit the nails through it.Tie the red string to the first nail of the first letter, W. Guide the thread to the next nail, twist the wire once around and go to the next nail. Continue until the end of the word and let the thread hang or tie it to the last nail.

Download here  an example (This is the Dutch word: Welkom)

Photo and idea:

DIY wednesday – Easter eggs

Because it’s almost Easter, I found a nice DIY of these cute easter eggs. I found them on the dutch website You can easily make them yourself!

What do you need?

♡ Eggs
♡ Black waterproof pen
♡ a steady hand

What do you do?

♡ Before you can write on the eggs you will have to boil them first. When they are cooled of you can write a lovely text on them.


What do you need?

♡ Eggs
♡ Round stickers with a sticky layer which will work on both sides!
♡ Glitter, it’s nice to have different colors.

What do you do?

♡ First you will have to boil the eggs. When they are cooled of you can stick the stickers on the eggs. Then roll the eggs in a bowl filled with glitters.

DIY ♡ Beads

Lovely beads you can make yourself. 


♡ Stap 1: Preheat the oven at 170 degrees Celsius.

     Make bread dough of 1.5 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons oil.                 

     (Not for eating!)

♡ Stap 2: Make the dough beads. Make holes with a toothpick. Make the holes big enough, so the    

     hole will not close when baking.

♡ Stap 3: Than the beads are going for two hours in the oven.

♡ Stap 4: Now you can paint them, and make a beautiful necklace for example!


DIY Wednesday No.13 – Advent Calendar



Advent Calendar

You can easily make your own advent calendar. Every day one box can be opened until it’s Christmas!

Stap 1: Make out of paper little boxes. 

Stap 2: Place on every box a number (1-24).

Stap 3: Glue every little box on a piece of hard board or thick paper, in the right order off course!

Stap 4: You can fill the boxes with candy, chocolates or a present.


DIY Wednesday No.12 – Wishing jar

December is nearby. It’s the month where we make wishes for family and friends.
But why not do it all year long?

Stap 1: Pick a jar and clean it. Maybe you need a bigger jar for many wishes!
Stap 2: Decorate the jar how you want it to look.
Stap 3: Place a tag on the jar with the writing: Wishing jar.
Stap 4: Cut out little carts of different type of papers, cut them in rounds or different forms.
Stap 5: Place the little carts next to the jar and let people write their wishes on it. Put all the wishes in a jar.

At the end of the year the wishing jar is full of best wishes, nice to read or to give away to someone special!

DIY Wednesday No. 6 – Holidays are coming!

Maybe it’s a bit early, but time is rushing by these days. Now you will have enough time to make this lovely advent-calendar.

What do you need?

  •  wooden plank or board
  •  25 wooden clothes pins
  •  chalkboard paint
  •  paint/ christmas tape
  •  wood glue
  •  chalk
  •  ribbon

and …

♡ gifts

Stap 1:  Where do you want to hang the advent-calendar?

Stap 2: Take the wooden plank or board and make it the size that will fit the place where it will be hanging or standing.

Stap 3:  Paint the wooden plank or board in the color you want it to be. Use white paint if you want it to look like the photo above.

Stap 4: Take the wooden clothes pins and decorate them. You can use red paint if you like, or you could use tape.

Stap 5: When the wooden plank or board and the clothes pins are dry, you can glue the clothes pins on the plank or board. ! Before you glue, take a close look where you will glue the pins. Ones you glue, there’s no point of return… !

Stap 6: Write the numbers onto the board above the clothes pins.

Stap 7: Buy the little presents, wrap them nicely and hang’m onto the calendar with the red/white ribbon.

DIY wednesday No. 5 – VHS Case Photo Frame with Secret Storage

Stap 1: Find yourself an old VHS case, rip out the original cover and put one of your nicest photo in it.

Stap 2: Check whether the box on the right side opens.

Stap 3: Draw in the box where the screws through it to come.

Stap 4: Drill the two holes in the box.

Stap 5: Mark on the wall where the box should be hung, please use the holes in the box that you already created.

Stap 6: Drill the two holes in the wall.

Stap 7: Attach the box with screws onto the wall.

I don’t think this need more explaining. Enjoy!