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Forgotten stereo amplifiers


Volume lightyears

Manufactured by Lightyears // 2013

Volume lamp is a small table lamp that takes inspiration from the buttons on the old stereo amplifiers. An apparently forgotten, but significant gesture, where through a mechanical rotation of the button, we obtained a clear and direct perception of the function, increase or decrease the volume. Volume lamp design comes from the desire to rediscover this direct feeling. The function is emphasized entirely in the overall design, reaching the boundary between concept and design, a lamp dimmer or a dimmer lamp? The size of the shade is proportioned to the size of the hand, inviting to touch and use the lamp in an informal way, laying the hand on its shade and adjusting the intensity of light with a simple gesture.
Volume T Evergreen - install. AS100735

Volume T Face-to-Grey - install. AS100811

Volume T colours - install. AS100752

Volume T Evergreen - install

Volume sketch 01

Design by GamFratesi

French Vintage

These lovely finds made me smile today! So therefor a blog about beautiful finds on Etsy: Chanteduc French Vintage. It’s a collection of vintage, antique, and up-cycled objects, art, linens, bags, lighting, toys, kitchen and dining ware–all discovered in French flea markets, antique shops, cellars, and attics. Here you will find an eclectic mix of Art deco, Art Nouveau, Mid-century, Loft, Industrial, Cottage chic, Shabby chic, Gustavian, Rustic, and French country.

You can find the shop here: Chanteduc

Flowers I love

Spring begins when I buy for the first time tulips! I’m a little bit spoiled because we live in an area in The Netherlands which is famous for it’s tulips and other flower bulbs, but still I love them!

We all know tulips but these I find very special. I love the colors and how they are different from the normal tulips. Tulips are never boring. 20140510-124335.jpg


20140510-124623.jpgPhoto’s by Laurie Passchier | LÆBL by Laurie


Dark and handsome


Black is mostly used in combination with white, a few items to style your home with. Black is for most people one step to far to use it like it’s been used in these beautiful photo’s. We have used black in our home, we painted our floor upstairs black. Since this weekend our floor has changed it’s color now it’s off-white. I love black, but unfortunately it didn’t worked out the way we wanted it to be… to dark and handsome.
romain-ricard-black-home-5 romain-ricard-black-home-3


Full view in Style Files / Romain Ricard.